Caspar Stracke "Critical Math: On the Work of Ivan Galeta"   Notes and Citations

Barbara Wurm: "Vom Wissen (in) der Film-notation Ivan Ladislav Galeta: Auf-Zeichnungen", Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft, Bielefeld, Germany 2011, online (in German, seen 07/01/2018)

 2 a comment uttered by Galeta in the 2005 interview included in my own film in the context of explaining the concept in his film, "sfaĩra 1985 – 1895" (1984) with a very simple ever-returning motto: "Above, same as beneath!"

3 Malcolm Le Grice: "Singing About Wine – thoughts on the work of Ladislav Galeta" in Ivan Ladislav Galeta: Point Zero Landscape, Experiments and Research, MSU Zagreb 2011.

4 This appears to be quite symptomatic for the total lack of knowledge of Easter European art positions outside the mainstream. Paul Pfeiffer's video work John 3:16 (2000), exactly, yet unknowingly, reproduces Galeta's genius idea of locking a vividly floating ball into the center of a film frame (and therefore appear as if the world bounces around it) Galeta 's "Water Pulu" is a water ball, the film was shot in 35mm, therefore containing a cinematic brilliance, and uncanny distortion of reality, whereas Paul Pfeiffer traces in "John 3:16" a basket ball. His image source is Sports TV footage, the zoomed in ball therefore appears very blurry.



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