Caspar Stracke "Critical Math: On the Work of Ivan Galeta"   Notes and Citations

  1. Barbara Wurm: “Vom Wissen (in) der Film-notation Ivan Ladislav Galeta: Auf-Zeichnungen”, Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft, Bielefeld, Germany 2011, online https://zfmedienwissenschaft.de/ueber-uns/impressum-und-kontakt (in German, seen 07/01/2018)
  2.  a comment uttered by Galeta in the 2005 interview included in my own film in the context of explaining the concept in his film, “sfaĩra 1985 – 1895” (1984) with a very simple ever-returning motto: “Above, same as beneath!”
  3. Malcolm Le Grice: “Singing About Wine – thoughts on the work of Ladislav Galeta” in Ivan Ladislav Galeta: Point Zero Landscape, Experiments and Research, MSU Zagreb 2011.
  4. This appears to be quite symptomatic for the total lack of knowledge of Easter European art positions outside the mainstream. Paul Pfeiffer’s video work John 3:16 (2000), exactly, yet unknowingly, reproduces Galeta’s genius idea of locking a vividly floating ball into the center of a film frame (and therefore appear as if the world bounces around it) Galeta ’s “Water Pulu” is a water ball, the film was shot in 35mm, therefore containing a cinematic brilliance, and uncanny distortion of reality, whereas Paul Pfeiffer traces in “John 3:16” a basket ball. His image source is Sports TV footage, the zoomed in ball therefore appears very blurry.