MFJ 63 Screening September 8th 2016 PROGRAM NOTES

Video Bureau, a sample of works from the collection

Curated by Ellen Zweig

Video Bureau is an artist-run not for profit space, focusing on archiving video art. It was started by Fang Lu, Chen Tong and Zhu Jia. It started in March 2012 in Beijing and Guangzhou (inside the Borges-Institute). The work of Video Bureau is primarily focused on archiving video artworks and  related material including writings, images, proposals, installation plans, in order to build a comprehensive database for researchers, writers, students, artists, and collectors.

Chen Tong: Don't Let Your Eyes Deceive You 2015 10:50 minutes
Using Chinese theories of traditional Chinese painting to analyze the institution he has created, Chen Tong dresses up as a thief and sneaks into Borges-Institute. This is the second in a trilogy of work that Chen Tong has made for his institution CANTONBON – in the first, he plays a policeman, in this video, he plays a thief and in the third, a liar.

Fang Lu: No World  2014 18:00 minutes
Six young people live in a vast empty space. Every day, they play violent games and rehearse marches and protests. They imitate images from the media and train themselves for a world of imaginary conflict.

Tsui Kuang-Yu: The Shortcut to the Systematic Life: Superficial Life  2002  9:53 minutes
In this performative video, Tsui changes his clothes according to the outside environment that he encounters, becoming a chameleon, camouflaging himself in order to penetrate different living situations.

Li Ming: Swordsman – hahahahah 2011  3:27 minutes
In place of the Swordsman made famous in Hong Kong kungfu films, Li places a megaphone in different settings. From the megaphone, we hear raucous laughter.

Tsui Kuang-Yu: Invisible City: Taiparis York 2008 5:03 minutes
Pretending to travel, but staying at home, Tsui tricks us into thinking we are traveling with him. In a series of short scenes, originally meant as a four-channel video work, Tsui reveals dreams of travel and the pleasures of staying home.

Ma Quisha: Satie Blues 2004 3:54 minutes
This is an early video experiment of the artist. It uses some of her favorite movie scenes. Needles, fish, dark corridor, boy looking out of the window while being spanked… All weave into a poetic visual narrative. (content and language for adults only)

Li Xiaofei: A Cart of Coal  2014 10:52 minutes
Li Xiaofei goes back to his childhood home in Hunan to document work in the coal mines. "In my childhood's memory, there always came a heavy rain in the afternoon of midsummer. After the rains, I delivered meals to my sister who worked in the coal mine. Every time I went by the pithead, the miners always liked to tease me…"

Zhou Tao: South Stone  2011   25:33 minutes
Zhou Tao is the Buster Keaton of China. Using the physical space of this small village, Zhou once again takes us on a comedic exploration of space.

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