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MFJ Issue No. 3 (Winter/Spring 1979)
Film/Theatre/Compositional Matrix

      • Bartone, Richard, "Notes on Four Films by Rudy Burckhardt," pp.126-30.
      • Buchsbaum, Jonathan, "Composing for Film: The Work of Bill Brand," pp. 55-61.
      • Carroll, Noel, "Toward a Theory of Film Editing," pp. 79-99.
      • Dozoretz, Wendy, "Films of Martha Haslanger," pp. 119-21.
      • Eisenstein, Sergei and Sergei Tretyakov, "Expressive Movement," trans.Alma H. Law, pp. 30-38.
      • Fischer, Lucy, and Bill Judson, "Independent Film in Pittsburgh," pp. 100-08.
      • Gordon, Mel and Alma H. Law, "Eisenstein's Early Work in Expressive Behavior: The Montage of Movement," pp. 25-29.
      • Hagan, John, "Through Cinema to Cinema: A Conversation with Richard Foreman," pp. 5-24.
      • Hanlon, Lindley, "Sensuality in Charmed Particles: Part IV of The Adventures of the Exquisite Corpse, a Film by Andrew Noren," pp. 109-12.
      • Hoberman, J., "Ernie Gehr's Geography," pp. 113-14.
      • Kelly, Keith, "The Sexual Politics of Rosa Von Praunheim," pp. 115-18.
      • Kiernan, Joanna, "Two Films by Malcolm Le Grice: Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe, After Manet, Giorgione, etc. and Blackbird Descending (Tense Alignment)," pp. 62-71.
      • Murphy, J. J., "Reaching for Oblivion," pp.122-25.
      • Stam, Robert, "Numero Deux: Politics, Pornography and the Media," pp. 72-78.
      • Weinbren, Grahame, "Six Filmmakers and an Ideal of Composition," pp. 39-54.


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