MFJ No. 7/8/9 (Fall/Winter 1980-81) – Interviews/Rediscoveries/Third World

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  • Banes, Sally, “Lives of Performers: Annette Michelson Discusses Acting in Journeys from Berlin,” pp. 69-84.
  • Bershen, Wanda, “Report from Philadelphia,” pp. 230-33.
  • Boddy, William, “New York City Confidential: An Interview with Eric Mitchell,” pp. 27-36.
  • Brinckmann, Christine Noll and Grahame Weinbren, “An Instant of Representation in a Film by Vincent Grenier,” pp. 273-78.
  • Buchsbaum, Jonathan, “Canvassing the Midwest,” pp. 218-29.
  • Carroll, Noel, “Interview with a Woman who…,” pp. 37-68.
  • Carroll, Noel, “Language and Cinema: Preliminary Notes for a Theory of Verbal Images,” pp. 186-217.
  • Cohen, Phoebe, “Brakhage’s I, II, and III,” pp. 234-37.
  • Cook, Scott, “Valse Triste and Mongoloid,” pp. 248-52.
  • Copjec, Joan, “D’Asparagus,” pp. 238-41.
  • Fischer, Lucy, “Xala: A Study in Black Humor,” pp. 165-72.
  • Flitterman, Sandy and Jonathan Rosenbaum, “New York Nights: An Interview with Jackie Raynal,” pp. 85-94.
  • Friedberg, Anne, “Approaching Borderline,” pp. 130-39.
  • Hanlon, Lindley, “Collision Course: Ken Kobland’s Optical Prints,” pp. 253-59.
  • Kaplan, E. Ann, “Feminist Approaches to History, Psychoanalysis and Cinema in Sigmund Freud’s Dora,” pp. 173-85.
  • Macdonald, Scott, “Film and Performance: An Interview with Carolee Schneemann,” pp. 95-114.
  • MFJ Editors, “Reply to Prof. Sitney,” pp. 281.
  • Pipolo, Tony, “The Films of Leandro Katz,” pp. 265-72.
  • Rheuban, Joyce, “Films of John Knecht,” pp. 242-47.
  • Simon, Bill, “Talking About Magellan: An Interview with Hollis Frampton,” pp. 5-26.
  • Sitney, P. Adams, “A Letter,” pp. 279-80.
  • Sobchack, Vivian, “Synthetic Vision: The Dialectical Imperative of Buñuel’s Las Hurdes,” pp. 140-50.
  • Stam, Robert, “Hour of the Furnaces and the Two Avant Gardes,” pp. 151-64.
  • Thompson, Kristin, “(Re)Discovering Charles Dekeukeleire,” pp.115-29.
  • Waldor, Marc, “Two Films by Dana Gordon,” pp. 260-64.[/column]
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