MFJ No. 23/24 (Winter 1990-91) – Independents

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  • Jost, Jon, "Out of Context: Some Thoughts on 'Independence'," pp. 2-14.
  • Hoolboom, Mike, "The Psychotechnology of Everyday Life," pp. 16-24.
  • Obituary for Beverly A. Conrad, p. 25.
  • Savedoff, Barbara, "L'Atalante, the Marriage of Music and Image," pp.26-35.
  • Obituary for Ed Emshwiller, pp. 36.
  • Lynch, Joan Driscoll, "Book of Days, An Anthology of Monkwork," pp.38-47.
  • Buitenhuis, Penelope, "Safe But Not Sound: The Toronto International Experimental Film Congress," pp.48-51
  • Millennium Photo Gallery
    • Toronto, May 1989. pp. 54-57.
  • Interviews
    • Reisman, David, "In the Grip of the Lobster: Jack Smith Remembered," pp. 60-85.
    • Brinckmann, Noll, "The Art of Programming: An Interview with Alf Bold, July 1989," pp. 86-100.
    • English, William, "Three Aspects of French Experimental Film: Interviews with Yann Beauvais and Rose Lowder and Alain-Alcide Sudre," pp. 102-116.
  • Artist Pages
    • Ravett, Abraham and Grahame Weinbren, "Raking Leaves: Photos, Drawings, Frame Blow-Ups, Working Notes, and Texts from Everything's for You," pp. 118-27.
  • Book Reviews
    • Binkley, Timothy, "Postmodern Torrents: Review of Margot Lovejoy's Post-Modern Currents: Art and Artists in the Age of Electronic Media," pp. 130-41.
    • Macdonald, Scott, "Cinema Before Film: Review of The Shows of London by Richard D. Altick," pp. 142-53.