MFJ 58 “35th Anniversary Edition, Since 78 Vol. 1”



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        • David Curtis “On the Search for Ideal Viewing Conditions”
        • Maeve Connolly “Shared Viewing” —Moving Images in the Cinema and Museum
        • Erica Levin “Toward a Social Cinema Revisited” —The potential of social media from À Propos de Nice to YouTube
        • Peggy Gale “Tipping Point” —Canadian artists, time-based media, and performance
        • Sean Cubitt “Angelic Ecologies” —Ideas of environment in the works of media artists
        • A.L. Rees “Physical Optics: a return to the repressed” —British cinema artists revisit 1970s tendencies
        • Catherine Elwes “Visible Scan Lines” —On the transition from analog film and video to digital moving image
      • COLOR
        • Michele Pierson “The Object of Film Analysis” —What are we describing when we analyze film?
        • Tobias Putrih, Omer Fast, Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller, George Barber, Tina Keane, David Hall, Abigail Child, Henry Hills, Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller, Tom Sherman, Gene Youngblood
      • WORKS
        • Gregory Zinman “Nam June Paik’s TV Crown and Interventionist, Participatory Media Art”
        • Mal Ahern “An Invisible Cinema” —Andy Warhol’s Films, In and Out of View
        • Pavle Levi”Experimental Tango” —Appropriation and the photo-book: Milošević’s Last Tango in Paris and Marinac’s The Passion of Joan of Arc
        • Juan Carlos Kase “Abigail Child and Henry Hills Turn Towards the Concrete”
        • Roy Grundmann “Experimental Cinema and the Crystals of Time” —Matthias Müller’s Visual Poems
        • James Hansen “The Fall of Days” —Luther Price’s Nine Biscuits (2004-08)
        • Christa Blümlinger “The Double Paths of Nicolas Rey” —On autrement, la Molussie (Differently, Molussia)
        • Kate Mondloch “Mirror Mirror” —MIRROR by Doug Aitken
      • RECORDS
        • Bruce Jenkins “In the Bedroom/On the Road: A Conversation with Sadie Benning and James Benning”
        • William Rose “The Responsibility of Forms” —A discussion between David Gatten and Fred Worden on politics in experimental cinema
        • Tom Sherman “Catching up with the Present” —Two Texts to demonstrate the ‘Future’ is Behind Us
        • Gene Youngblood “Secession from the Broadcast: The Internet and the Crisis of Social Control”
        • Jud Yalkut 1938-2013 by Janis Lipzin [/column]
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