Charles Fairbanks "Archivos de video comunitario de Oaxaca" Notes and Citations

  1.  Otherwise referred to as “the Events,” “the Protests,” “the Rebellion” or “the Magisterial Conflict,” “La Comuna de Oaxaca” emphasizes its resonance with the Paris Commune of 1871.
  2.  Hugo Aguilar Ortiz and Aldo González Rojas are quoted in A los que esta tierra ha visto nacer; Fabiola Gerracio and Valente Soto are quoted in Historias Verdaderas. Both videos are available on the Ojo de Agua website: ojodeaguacomunicacion.org. Aguilar Ortiz speaks Mixteco with Spanish subtitles; all others speak Spanish; English translations are my own.
  3.  Both of these videos were camera originals from completed projects that didn’t include this material; they were selected by exhibition curator Oliver Martínez Kandt and edited by Héctor García Sandoval and Luís Yslhin Alonso. Hence, they do not have titles of their own. 
  4.  Documentation of the rebellion was made by Victoria de Todossantos / Mal de Ojo TV.