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Thank you for your interest in supporting the Millennium Film Journal, the premiere journal of artists’ moving image. The MFJ has been in print since 1978, along with PDF versions of each issue since 2011 and Ebook and Kindle versions since 2018. The magazine features writing about artists’ moving image works richly illustrated with original images and frame enlargements, and includes Artist Pages, studio visit reports, interviews, reviews, manifestoes and scholarly in-depth studies of works of both established and emerging practitioners. Almost every notable critic and theorist of the field has contributed to the journal during its four decades of publication. On the launch of each issue the editors organize screenings of films featured in the journal. A recent initiative is to produce short video interviews with contributing authors including excerpts of the works they discuss: so far three “Highlight” videos have been completed and are available on the MFJ website, Vimeo and YouTube.

The MFJ is published by the Millennium Film Workshop, an organization committed to supporting moving image artists through screenings, workshops, equipment access, publications and podcasts. As a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation registered as a charity in the state of New York, the organization depends on contributions in the form of grants and donations in support of its activities.

Make checks payable to Millennium Film Workshop, specifying that the funds are intended for support of the continued publication and projects of the Millennium Film Journal. Also please send us the mailing address for your subscription and let us know under what name you would like to be acknowledged in the journal. If you prefer to contribute through credit card or PayPal, please contact us HERE

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