MFJ No. 56, Fall 2012 – Materialism in a Digital Age

This is a call for articles, manifestoes, proposals, reviews, critiques or other writings on the revived interest in the materials and material bases of cinema.

The Millennium Film Journal is dedicated to artists’ cinema, encompassing all technologies of the moving image.

With the imminent demise of Kodak, the film industry’s embrace of the digital, and the closing of film labs, the photochemical medium seems to be in a period of rapid decline. But even in the face of this decline, artists around the world continue to use photochemical media with enthusiasm and commitment, while others seek out ways to ground materialist concepts and practices in bits and bytes.

We invite artists, critics, theorists, historians and technicians to contribute texts addressing the many aspects of these phenomena.


• If possible, please send us an inquiry letter first with a short statement of your intentions.

• All submissions should include a title and name of the author in the body of the document.

• Submit all texts in a double-spaced, .doc Word format.

• Reviews should range from 500-800 words and address works released or exhibited within the last six months. Footnotes are not permitted in the review section.

• Articles should not exceed 20 pages.

• If the work has been previously published, include this information, but we prefer original texts.

• Acceptance of texts for publication is entirely at the discretion of the editors.

• Deadline May 10th 2012

• either electronically to editors Grahame Weinbren and Jessica Ruffin

• or by mail to:
The Editors
Millennium Film Journal
c/o Grahame Weinbren
119 West 22nd Street, 3rd floor
New York, N.Y. 10011

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